Unvented Cylinder Service & Maintenance

Unvented Cylinder installation

  • Unvented cylinders are becoming increasingly the chosen option in homes and commercial retail buildings.
  • There are really good reasons to have these systems installed.
  • They can be installed in lots of different areas of the home, giving more freedom & space saving
  • Unvented cylinders usually take up less space than older systems.
  • They use water directly from the mains, so need for a tank in the attic. This isn’t just good for saving space – it can also take away the possibility of freezing issues in winter.
  • Because they use mains pressure, they can provide a much more even flow for baths and showers.
  • Once installed, unvented cylinders can give you real savings in terms of energy efficiency; good for the environment and saving you money on your energy bills.
  • Because of a sealed system, there isn’t the risk of water contamination.
The service, maintenance of your unvented water heater will consist of all the following items:
  • Expansion relief valve testing
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve testing
  • Combination valve/pressure reduction valve stripping and line strainer cleaning
  • Pressure expansion vessel check (if so equipped)
  • Expansion vessel pressure top up
  • Leak check
  • Main and boost immersion heater and thermostat function testing
  • Main and boost immersion heater resistance check
  • Check to ensure the appliance is earthed
  • Check electrical connections for damage
  • Service record completion and signing

Unvented Cylinder Service & Maintenance Enquiry

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